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Eurovision & World Fashion With The Tiger Milly Marketplace

08 May 2017

It's that time of the year again! The biggest music extravaganza, The Eurovision Song Contest, is back and will take place from tomorrow, Tuesday 9th May, all the way up to Saturday night's televised grand final. We are all super excited about it here at the Tiger Milly Marketplace and to celebrate the run up to the event we've decided to put together a little world-fashion themed blog for you all, celebrating diversity, travel and fashion trends around the globe.

So, take a look below for a trip back in time including a few fabulous suggestions to achieve the look. You can shop the collection of 40's + vintage inspired & retro style accessories and clothing online now at the Tiger milly Marketplace.

Tweed - United Kingdom

Golly gosh, we think tweed is just smashing! Born from a misread spelling, when a London merchant read 'twill' as 'tweed' and assumed it was to be associated with the Scottish river, Tweed quickly became a staple for us Brits, especially within the upper-class!


Photo Credit // Aly Rose Vintage


Denim - Nimes France

It was in the French town of De Nimes that they first started producing the fabric that would change the fashion the world!


The Aloha Shirt - Hawaii

Go Hawaiian! Stemming from Chinese-born Ellery Chun in his Waikiki store, sewing together leftover pieces of Kimono, the Aloha Shirt soared to popularity in the 1950's and in turn boosted sales and tourism to Hawaii! Not to mention, creating an age-old fashion staple that we still simply adore.